If anyone thought that the 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson decision and the subsequent near-total ban on abortions in Arkansas was the end of the anti-abortion forces’ efforts to undermine women’s autonomy over their own bodies, they were gravely mistaken.

Several state legislatures are currently considering laws that aim to impose additional penalties on women who seek abortion services.

The US Supreme Court is considering a case from Texas which would severely limit the ability of doctors to prescribe mifepristone.

Louisiana just passed a law classifying mifepristone and misoprostol as controlled substances and dangerous drugs – thus severely restricting their use.

Southern Baptists just voted to declare IVF morally unacceptable.

The Arkansas Attorney General is threatening out-of-state abortion pill suppliers with criminal prosecution.

This all follows the February Alabama Supreme Court ruling that frozen embryos are persons!

With the Arkansas 2025 legislative session due to begin in January of next year, it is virtually certain that a Republican super-majority will make haste to pass additional, punitive, anti-abortion laws.

It is therefore crucial that we elect pro-choice people to the Arkansas Senate and House of Representatives to break the super-majority and try and stop them.

Some of these laws will be challenged in court, but with the courts becoming increasingly conservative, there is no guarantee that courts will stop them.

We can expect laws that will:

  • Criminalize aiding women who seek abortions in and out of state
  • Restrict the use of the medications used in abortions
  • Make it even harder for pregnant women to obtain life-saving emergency care

The proposed abortion rights constitutional amendment in Arkansas is a hopeful sign. I urge everyone to sign the petition. Since its passage is not guaranteed, additional action must be taken to support pro-choice candidates up and down the November ballot. They’re counting on us!

Donate so they can reach their voters. Make phone calls to voters on their behalf. Knock on the doors of friendly voters on their behalf. To get started, you can find a list of PAWPAC-endorsed pro-choice candidates here.

We must elect more progressive women to the state legislature to fight the enactment of these horrible laws.

The time is now to support the many pro-choice women running for seats in November. Give, work, spread the word.

The time is now.

Make a plan to vote!

Early voting is often easier and quicker than voting on Election Day.

You can vote early between October 21 and November 4. Polls are open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM, and on Saturdays from 10 AM to 4 PM. Note that polls close at 5PM on Monday, November 4.

On Election Day, Tuesday, November 5, polls will be open from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

Remember, if you are in line when the polls close, stay in line until you’ve voted!

Every vote counts, so make sure your voice is heard! And don’t forget to ask friends and family to vote, too!

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