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The candidate toolkit provides a comprehensive set of resources and information to support you as a candidate.

Overview of Toolkit Content

Mission: This section outlines the overall purpose and goals of PAWPAC.

PAWPAC Endorsement: Details the endorsement process by PAWPAC.

Training Organizations: Provides a directory of organizations that offer training programs to help candidates develop the necessary skills for running a successful campaign.

Consultant Directory: Offers a list of consultants in Arkansas who specialize in various areas of campaign management and can provide guidance and support to candidates.

Fundraising Tips: Offers practical advice and strategies for effective fundraising during a campaign.

Finding Volunteers: Provides guidance on how to recruit and manage volunteers who can contribute to the campaign’s success.

Voter Registration Guide: Offers a step-by-step guide on how to register voters and engage with the community on this important aspect of the campaign.

Other Endorsement Organizations: Lists additional organizations that offer endorsements and support to candidates.

Social Media Tips: Provides tips and best practices for utilizing social media platforms effectively to reach and engage with voters.

Messaging for Difficult Topics: Offers guidance on effectively communicating with voters on sensitive topics like abortion, providing strategies for addressing such issues in a respectful and persuasive manner.

Progressive Arkansas Women PAC Candidate


Progressive Arkansas Women PAC (PAWPAC) financially supports and endorses progressive women running for office in Arkansas. If you are running for a state or local office in Arkansas in 2024, and you have not already requested endorsement, we can help. Tell us more about yourself and your campaign.