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Women committed to making a difference in their communities are running for office and changing the face of political power in Arkansas. PAWPAC provides them the resources they need to win.

PAWPAC is dedicated to recruiting, mentoring, and funding progressive women candidates running in local and state elections. We vet our potential candidates and give money to those of all parties who are committed to reproductive freedom and women’s economic, environmental, and social equality.

Our candidates are strong, smart leaders with bold ideas. They are women with diverse perspectives who make decisions that benefit their communities and Arkansas as a whole.


PAWPAC is the first organization in Arkansas to focus on achieving gender equality in state politics. We are working toward a day when half of the seats held by elected officials across Arkansas—from school board members and coroners to state representatives and the governor—are filled by progressive women.

Making change, especially in a deeply conservative state like ours, takes time and money. But “times they are a-changin’.”

Every dollar that you give allows us to support these incredible candidates. We appreciate your support.

Use the form below or mail a check to: Progressive AR Women PAC, 904 W. 2nd Street, Suite 2, Little Rock, AR 72201


The Legalese: PAWPAC is an Arkansas political action committee and donations are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions. Contributions to PAWPAC by an individual, business, or PAC are limited to $5,000 in a calendar year. Contributions over $500 aggregated in a calendar year must be reported with name, address, employer, and occupation. PAWPAC does not support candidates for federal offices. 

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Our mission is to identify and support women leaders in our communities who are committed to reproductive freedom and women’s economic and social equality.

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