Thank you for your commitment to run for office. It won’t be easy, but your determination and team support will make this candidacy a defining moment in your life regardless of the outcome. There is a lot to learn, a lot to figure out, and an element of surprise along the way. PAWPAC is committed to being part of your team. We’re with you!

Here are just a few “tips” and resources as you get started: 

1. PowerPoint, “Running for Public Office—Are You Prepared?”
Download the “Running for Office” presentation from our Resources page. This presentation was developed to “prepare” candidates, but it offers helpful reminders as you begin your campaign.

2. Training Opportunities
The Democratic Party of Arkansas offers FREE Training webinars: – .Xe6E0S2ZOb8 

Emerge Arkansas—Training opportunities (with tuition assistance available)

Contact Christina Mullinax ( or Jacob Kauffman ( at the Arkansas Democratic Party for other training opportunities. 

3. Names of Professional Service Providers  
We recommend that you interview several for services and pricing.   

Photographers & Videographers 

Expect to spend between $100-$200 on a one-hour session with a professional local photographer.   

  • Ebony Blevins (photo), 501-563-7534
  • Quang Nguyen (photo & video), 501-351-2715
  • Gerard Matthews (photo & video), 903-733-4532

Campaign Consultants  

  • Bobby Howard, Well Water Consulting, 870-656-0501,
  • Mariah Hatta, 501-231-9208,
  • Sanci Richardson, 501-563-8401,
  • John Whiteside, 501-246-6880,
  • Michael Cook, Cook Consulting, 501-256-3032,

Website Development    

  • David Williams,    
  • Kevin Cates,
  • Stephanie R. Matthews, 985-856-9878,  

Social Media Consulting

  • Stephanie R. Matthews, 985-856-9878,
  • Mariah Hatta, 501-231-9208,

4. Maps
For state legislative and congressional district maps, contact the Arkansas Secretary of State to view, download (or order printed copies).

For local district maps, contact your county clerk or election commission office.

5. Campaign Finance Reporting
The “Running for Public Office Handbook” legislative candidates received at filing has all the information you need for financial reporting. The handbooks are free and available online at  

This handbook also contains an “Election Calendar” to help you keep up with important dates.

6. Printing Campaign Signs and Literature
Check with the Arkansas Ethics Commission about any questions about your printed materials:

PAWPAC is available to respond to your questions and concerns. We will be offering more “tips” along the way and encourage you to keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Susan Inman

Susan Inman

Susan Inman was Director of Elections for a former Arkansas Secretary of State, former member of the Arkansas State Board of Election Commissioners, founder and first president of the Arkansas County Election Commissions Association. She has volunteered with the US Department of State as an international election observer, observing over a dozen elections in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus.

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