The progressive women that we support passed the following bills into law—either as lead or co-sponsor—during the 2019 legislative session.


  1.  Provides leave for firefighters with occupationally-caused cancer. (Act 973);
  2.  Extends eligibility for disability benefits to firefighters with occupationally-caused cancer.  (Act 638).

JOYCE ELLIOT, District 31

  1. Prohibits corporal punishment on a child with a disability. (Act 557);
  2.  Requires ADC inmates to receive reading assessments and dyslexia screening and to receive reading and dyslexia services. (Act 1088);
  3. Requires dyslexia screening and services for juveniles in the Division of Youth Services facilities. (Act 1089);
  4. Requires the Dept. of Education to provide continued financial support to public schools with 40% of students “in need of services,” and requires public schools to develop literacy plans for these students.  (Act 1082).

VIVIAN FLOWERS, District 17 

  1. Raises age for females entitled to marry from 16 to 17. (Act 849);
  2. Requires all open public meetings to be recorded in a manner that allows the capture of sound and for recordings to be retained for one year.  (Act 1028);
  3. Creates the Arkansas Delta Music Trail Act to promote and provide tax incentives for art projects along the following highways: Louis Jordan, Johnny Cash, Levon Helm, Sister Rosetta Tharp. (Act 1066).

DENISE GARNER, District 84 

  1. Adds accounting, finance, nursing, and education to the programs for which students can receive Arkansas Futures grants. (Act 618)

MEGAN GODFREY: District 89

  1. Authorizes State Board of Nursing to license DACA recipients. (Act 837);
  2. Allows state institutions of higher learning to make certain students eligible for in-state tuition if the student or parent has a work permit, is a legal Marshallese resident, or a DACA recipient. (Act 844).


  1. Increases sentences for murder, aggravated robbery, felony assault and battery, sexual assault in 3rd degree, and rape in presence of a child. (Act 324);
  2. Increases penalties for 1st degree battery committed on young children or elderly. (Act 498);
  3. Creates privileged communication between victims of domestic violence and domestic violence shelter personnel and victim advocates. (Act 499).

JAMIE SCOTT, District 37

  1. Protects children who are being trafficked from prosecution for prostitution. (Act 1020);
  2. Places limits on the solitary confinement of incarcerated juveniles under 18. (Act 971);
  3. Requires public schools to offer alternative educational services and courses to expelled students. (Act 709);
  4. Includes victims of human trafficking under rape shield laws. (Act 842).