It was a super victorious Tuesday for PAWPAC! All of our candidates for the state legislature won in the Super Tuesday primaries. And half of our candidates in the non-partisan judicial races made it to the runoffs. Several of our winners will face challengers in November.

It is vital that you donate and work for them as they continue to campaign. PAWPAC and our candidates are grateful for your support.

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Congratulations to our winners:


Keidra Burrell, State Senate District 27
Keidra won against her primary opponent. She will face Republican Trent Garner in November.

Jannie Cotton, State House District 41
Jannie defeated her primary opponent and will face Republican Karilyn Brown in November.

Denise Ennett, State House District 36
Denise won against her primary opponent and has no Republican opposition in November. She will represent District 36 again in 2021.

Joy Springer, State House District 34
Joy defeated her opponents in both the primary and special elections. She will fill the unexpired term of John Walker. She will face Independent Roderick Talley in November.


Amy Dunn Johnson, Circuit Judge District 6, Division 15
Amy made it to the runoff in November. She will face Gary Rogers in November.

Casey Tucker, Circuit Judge District 6, Division 2
Casey made it to the runoff in her race for circuit judge. She will face Hugh Finkelstein in November.

We salute all of our candidates for stepping up to run for office—it takes courage and isn’t easy, and they put so much work into their campaigns. We want to recognize LaTonya Austin and Lorie Mason Jordan, who, although not victorious, are winners for running excellent races.